The Billfold

Wait just a minute. The Billfold is not a bag...but it sure thinks it is! This compact, good looking little fellow is made of the same tough, natural, durable leather as our Harvey Traveler bags. Each one is unique and individual. A streamlined, efficient, handsome sidekick, who's got your back every time you step out. Folds to hold two to three credit cards in the outside sleeve and a good amount of green scratch on an inside clip. Slimline design so that you won't end up at the chiropractor getting your spine realigned. Slides easily into your jeans, jacket or suit pocket. Won't create any unnecessary or odd looking lumps in the clothing on that beautiful body you've worked so hard to maintain.

Each wallet arrives in our custom designed Harvey Traveler Co reusable, Wallet sized draw string dust cover bag (white with black logo and black draw string). Great for other small items, like jewelry and wireless earbuds.

No one knows The Billfold is there, until you pull it that's a friend I'd like to have along anywhere I go.

Each wallet measures 4" x 3" x 1/4"

Available in Tan, Black or Cafe Brown.

Free shipping.